Star Trek: Random Sector


Welcome to Star Trek: Random Sector. We are a Star Trek fan site that has been running for over a decade. We have detailed episode guides, character biographies and a databank of information on locations, items and species in the Star Trek universe. Below you can find some of our best or most recent content.

2015 re-build

I'm pleased to announce that we have re-built the site brick by brick from the ground up. The new look is easier to use, works across devices and fixes the dead links and spelling mistakes. Read more on the link above.


Enterprise captures the designers of the Xindi super weapon but will Archer get them to talk? Find out right now in our episode guide.

Proving Ground

Finally a character bio for Hoshi as well as this episode guide from series 3 of Enterprise, when an Andarian ship arrives saying they have been sent to help Enterprise.

Cold Fire

There are certain events which although have no real important what so ever are events not the less. This is one - the first Voyager series 2 episode guide to be added. In this episode Voyager comes into contact with more Ocampa.

Heroes and Demons

Not so much a huge session of adding but there is this quite comfortably big guide to the episode from series 1 of Voyager 'Heroes and Demons' where The Doctor goes on an away mission.

The Cloud

More re-structuring of the library plus entries for the mess hall, sickbay and holodeck added. Reg Barclay profile added too and then there is this episode from Voyager series 1.

Chosen Realm

The library has been restructured to include a species folder and an entry for the Xindi added as well as a profile of Malcolm Reed. Plus this episode from Enterprise series 3.

Caretaker, Part II

As well as Kes's bio finally being added to the Voyager section, there is also the addition of the episode guide, the 2nd ever Voyager episode. So pretty old really.


I was rather surprised when I realised we had no Enterprise episode guides. Still that problem has now been corrected with this episode from Enterprise series 3 and some new character bios as well as updated databank entries.

Hide and Q

Today sees a profile of Dr. Katherine Pulaski as well as this episode guide from the first series of the Next Generation in which Q takes an interest in Commander Riker.

Infinite Regress

Today Naomi Wildman was added to the Voyager character profiles as well as this episode guide from series 5 of Voyager in which Seven develops multiple personalities.

Body and Soul

As well as a new library entry for the Delta Flyer, here is an episode guide from series 7 of Voyager as The Doctor experiences actual human senses. Well kind of.

Benjamin Sisko

As we thought it was time to have something other than episode guides; while we think of some articles to write we have more library entries and more profiles on the way.

Lonely Among Us

Sample the delights of another Next Generation episode this one, as with Code of Honor from series 1. A strange energy passes onto the Enterprise and causes problems.

Code of Honor

The episode guides return to Next Generation with this episode from series 1 in which aliens capture Yar for a fun time on the planet below.


More episode guides are indeed on their way, the first one being from Voyager series 6 in which Tom makes friends with a new ship acquired in a recent trade.


Random Facts

We have made some corrections to the random facts page and the Enterprise's library entry thanks to an email from Al Berry. We should have some more episode guides on the way too.

Who said it?

As well as the addition of Next Generation episode Decent, Part I and loads more entries to the library we have added some random quotes to the random facts page.


Our episode guides was never a Voyager only thing. This episode guide comes from series 6 of the Next Generation when Picard, Troi, Data and Geordi find themselves in a different time frame.


Today's review also comes from series 7 of Voyager, Repentance sees the ship transport criminals back to their home world for execution leaving Seven feeling bad.


Beginning our new episode guides which feature plenty of information on each episode we have written our first episode guide of 'Nightingale' from series 7 of Voyager.