Star Trek: Random Sector


Jonathan Archer

Played By: Scott Bakula
Rank: Captain
Assignment: Commanding officer, Enterprise NX-01
Full Name: Jonathan Archer
Birthplace: San Francisco, North America, Earth
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Archer
Marital status: Single


Played By: Jolene Blalock
Species: Vulcan
Rank: Sub-commander (in Vulcan hierarchy)
Assignment: Science Officer, Enterprise NX-01
Full Name: T'Pol
Marital status: Previously betrothed to Koss, but marriage plans have been cancelled

Malcolm Reed

Played By: Dominic Keating
Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Armoury Officer, Enterprise NX-01
Full Name: Malcolm Reed
Birthday: September 2
Parents: Stuart & Mary Reed
Siblings: Younger sister, Madeline Reed
Marital status: Single