Star Trek: Random Sector

Starship USS Enterprise

Class: Galaxy class starship*

Captain: James T Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, Johnathan Archer, Robert April, Christopher Pike, John Harriman, Rachel Garrett

Series: Star Trek, Next Generation, Enterprise

Although the title suggests just one ship there has actually been 7 different versions of the Enterprise. Enterprise NX-01, the first ever warp 5 capable vessel was first commanded by Johnathan Archer, son of the design of its engine Henry Archer.

The first appearance of the Enterprise on screen was simply named USS Enterprise which eventually fell under the command of James T Kirk in the original series of Star Trek. Although at one point Kirk was promoted to an admiral he soon found his way back in command of the Enterprise and eventually destroyed in when it was boarded by Klingons.

Enterprise D was the first version of the Enterprise to be commanded by Jean Luc Picard which he commanded throughout the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. By the time of movies such as First Contact, the Enterprise E has been build, the latest version of the Enterprise to date.

* Ships named Enterprise have also taken the form of NX class, Constitution class, Excelsior class, Ambassador class and sovereign class starships.

USS Enterprise