Star Trek: Random Sector


Who said it? Show Series Episodes
"They look 20 years of your life. I would say thats punishment enough."
Captain Janeway Voyager 7 Repentance
"You have always been Captain Proton and I have always been Busta Kinkade."
Harry Kim Voyager 7 Nightingale
"Data, people don't have internal cronometres."
William Riker Next Generation 6 Timescape
"Tell them to read it this time."
Captain Picard Next Generation 6 Decent, Part I
"Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to give away Mrs. Troi"
Captain Picard Next Generation 5 Cost of Living
To Tuvok: "With all these new personalities floating around its a shame we can't find one for you"
The Doctor Voyager 5 Infinite Regress