Star Trek: Random Sector

Proving Ground

An Andarian ship is apparently now in the Delphic expanse to support Enterprise. Role title credits, followed by the Xindi saying that if tests are successful they could deploy the weapon to destroy earth within a month. T’Paul says they have picked up a faint signal. She also says she has been putting together the databank with the help of Hoshi.

Enterprise heads into an anomaly and things start to get rough but they are pulled out by a tractor beam. They are greeted on the vision screen by the captain of the Andarian vessel.

The captain comes aboard Enterprise and tells them that they saw what happened on Earth and thought they could use an ally. The Andarian points out the Vulcans wouldn’t help them. The crew is uneasy about the Andarian’s being aboard but Archer says they need their help.

Commander Shran has a drink with Archer. They seem to be looking forward to an alliance between their races. In engineering Trip tells T’Paul warp will be online a lot faster due to the Andarian help. There is tension between Reed and Lieutenant Tallas but he makes up and offers to have a coffee with her.

They find a system full of uninhabited moons which have taken heavy weapons damage. 4 Xindi ships are there. Archer suggests the moons are being used for testing weapons. Commander Shran says they don’t stand a chance against the Xindi ships.

Trip asks Commander Shran for an anti matter injector. He is not sure about whether he should give Enterprise such advanced technology. They talk about the death of his sister but Trip says he is not looking for revenge. Command Shran agrees to give him the anti matter injector.

The Andarian ship goes up to the Xindi pretending to be a mining ship and manages to scan the ships. They see the weapon is not that powerful enough to destroy a planet so Commander Shran says that it’s not worth destroying but Archer says that they are going to capture it so Starfleet can try and figure out a defence.

Reed and Tallas manage to sort of the weapons out fairly quickly. Meanwhile the Xindi test a weapon on the moon but it is only blasted in two, it is not destroyed. The Xindi are most unhappy. Archer remembers back to when the material for the weapon was being made. Command Shran offers to take the device aboard after Enterprise is unable to take it aboard due to the radiation.

However in a communication, Commander Shran apparently has an ulterior motive, probably to steal the weapon. The plan works but the Andarian’s plan to head of with the weapon. Archer is led towards an escape pod.

Once Archer is back on Enterprise he messages the Andarians. He tells them that they suspected this and unless they give the weapon back they will blow the weapon up. They refuse and Enterprise makes good on his threat and explodes the device. The ship is badly damaged.