Star Trek: Random Sector


Opens with that seems to be the funeral of Trip. The title then comes up "Two Weeks Later," with a backdrop of Enterprise's hull. They are working on a system to maintain high warp for an extended period of time. However when they try it the ship is pulled out of warpa and left stationary. Trip is taken to sickbay. He is in a coma.

Dr. Phlox suggests giving Trip a simbiot. T'Pol reminds Archer that it is band, but Archer agrees to try it. Meanwhile, nucleonic particles begin to build up on Enterprise's hull, inside the anomaly the ship is currently trapped in.

Soon the Enterprise has a Trip clone sitting around in sickbay. The accelerated growth only gives it a life span of 15 days. It is an exact copy of Trip. As the child grows, he begins to get Trip's memories. Phlox names him Sim.

Archer talks to Sim and explains he is just a copy. He continues to grow. T'Pol is uneasy about him. He explains to Malcolm how he feels like he was lived a whole other life.

To try and escape the anomally that is causing the build up. They attempt to get the shuttles to toe Enterprise using Sim's plan. They eventually get Enterprise going. Later Phlox tells Archer that Sim will die during the transplant operation to save Trip.

Sim almost decides to run but in the end agrees to the operating. It goes back to the funeral which we now realise is Sim's funeral.