Star Trek: Random Sector


Degra wakes up on a ship. Archer is in command but appears dressed like Degra. Degra does not know him but Archer fills in his memory through what is going on. They are getting attacked. Degra asks him who is his and why he has taken him. Archer tells him they knew each other and that he will have forgotten. Archer tells him he is human.

Archer tells them he spent the last two days being integrated by the insectoids and that he and Archer have stared a prison cell for three years. Roll title screen. Degra does not believe him. Archer explains that he lost his memory. Archer tells him that they questioned him because they wanted information about the weapon.

Degra tells him the last thing he remembers was being on his ship during the weapon test. Archer tells him that after a few weeks Earth was destroyed by the Xindi but after this the Xindi went to war with each other of the Xindi species again. Archer removes a blood worm from Degra which he says causes Degra's memory loss.

Archer explains how they finally became friends after fighting for weeks and that they are aboard a cargo shuttle. Archer explains how the insectoids destroyed Enterprise. Degra tells them the Xindi was drawing up a plan for re-unification before they set it aside to death with the threat from Earth.

Archer suggests they go look for Degra's family. The ship gets a leak and reactor coolant begins to leak. Archer gives Degra an oxygen mask and they try to solve the leak. Degra manages to weld it shut but b the time he does Archer is on the floor. Degra gives him the oxygen mask and he comes round.

Later when they are asleep, Archer gets up and stuns him with something. He then speaks to T'Paul on a video screen. Archer leaves the shuttle and comes out into one of Enterprise's cargo bay. The ship seems to be fine and Trip, Hoshi and T'Paul have been monitoring the activity inside the ship. T'Paul suggests a more direct approach as Degra seems to trust Archer. But Archer tells them he will tell him, he just needs a little more time.

The title announces it is 3 days earlier and Archer makes his log entry. Enterprise returns to the weapons testing site and detects a Xindi ship with 3 life forms on board. Enterprise emerges on the ship and blocks the Xindi communications. They then take out the ships engines and hail the vessel. Archer tells them to prepare to be boarded.

T'Paul says that they deleted the navigation logs and computer core when Enterprise crewmen boarded. Hoshi tells them she has recovered some of the personal logs. Trip tells Archer the ship has an advanced engine. The 3 prisoners are being held in a cell together. Archer asks them where they are building the weapon but they refuse to talk.

Reed hails Archer and tells him they need to move away from the test site. Degra still refuses to talk to Archer. Phlox tells them that he may be able to erase the memory of Degra ever coming aboard. Trip says that he can build a simulator and Hoshi can build up the background story along with T'Paul.

Back in the simulator in real time they pretend to be going through a disturbance field. Archer says they are losing structure integrity and takes them out of warp. Degra sends out a distress call and Hoshi gets on it. T'Paul is called by Trip who says a Xindi ship approaching and T'Paul orders them back into the debris field despite the risk of it overloading systems.

Degra tells Archer that he is sorry about killing all the children on Earth. They get a communication from one of Degra's colleges who tells them his family is safe. Archer suggests they go to the co-ordinates and Degra types them in. Enterprise records them as he types them in despite him trying to encrypt them.

The ship begins to shake as the radiation is overloading the hydraulics systems. T'Paul orders Enterprise out of the debris field. Archer blames it on space turbulence but Degra is suspicious. Archer finally gets the names but he is unable to tell him which one is older and he is attacked by Degra. The ship is stormed and Degra is taken to the brig.

Enterprise talks to Degra who says that the co-ordinates are not real but Archer says he will call his bluff. He talks with T'Paul and Trip and they consider using the same method of jumping light years that the Xindi use. Archer tries it but it starts to destabilise. However the aliens refuse to help. They manage to get the ship back into normal space. Archer is called to the bridge by T'Paul.

Enterprise arrives at the location, Degra is watching them. He screams out and reveals this is the location of the weapon. However it turns out to be another simulation. And Enterprise now knows the location of the weapon. Phlox wipes their memory again and Enterprise leaves them in the vessel not knowing what happened.