Star Trek: Random Sector

Code of Honor

Ligon II, Enterprise heads over to try and trade for a vaccine for a virus. Troi says the aliens are a very proud race. They use their own transporter pad to beam aboard.

A red carpet is rolled out for the leader who is surprised at Yar being a woman. She takes out a guard when he tries to push her.

The leader asked to see Yar in defensive training on the holodeck. She takes on a marshall arts hologram. The leader tells his guard to take him on. The hologram floors him.

They take Lieutenant Yar captive and they hail the planet. They send out photon torpedoes. Nobody on the planet responds.

Picard lets Wesley sit at ops when Lutan hails them from the planet. He says that if we want Picard to come down to the planet to retrieve her. He does so.

They go to a banquet and Picard makes a speech asking for Lieutenant Yar back. Lutan refuses and Picard gets angry. Lutan says he cannot part with her and wants her to become his first wife. His old wife challenges her but Picard refuses the challenge. Lutan says all friendship is off.

Picard decides to let Yar take the challenge. They find deadly weapons, which they used for the challenge. They began fighting in a small square raised platform with different levels and metal bars.

Yar knocks the weapon from the opponent's hand. It stabs a guard and he dies. The weapon is returned and they continue to fight. Finally Yar knocks her to the ground. Then he dives on her and they beam to Enterprise.

Beverly brings Yarina back to life on the transporter pad and Lutan beams to Enterprise. He says Picard can now have the medicine supplies. However he is angry when he finds Yarina alive.

However Picard explains the agreement is valid because she did actually die. The Enterprise collects the vaccines and leaves.