Star Trek: Random Sector

Cost of Living

Enterprise shoots down an asteroid heading for a planet. It shatters most of it however the core holds together. Worf is unable to lock on a tractor beam. Picard orders a particle beam which destroys it. They continue on their course.

Worf and Alexander talk to Trio about their arguments. Troi suggests a contract. Worf is hesitant but agrees. She tells Alexander most children eventually appreciate their parents. They leave and Troi receives a comm call. She does not look happy when told her mother is aboard.

Troi meets her mother in the transporter room and she tells her she is getting married. Later In Ten Forward she admits to Troi that she has never met the groom but have exchanged profiles with him.

Worf and Alexander interrupt, having problems. Troi is interrupted by her mother who gives unhelpful advice. Meanwhile Riker tells Picard that Mrs. Troi wants him to give her away. Picard gives permission for an onboard wedding.

Alexander arrives for his weekly meeting with Troi but finds Lwaxana instead. She talks to Alexander and gets him to tell her how he does not like his father. Lwaxana takes Alexander onto the holodeck.

To cut a long story short the programme is some weird happy place. Troi goes to see Worf and they discover Alexander is on the holodeck with Lwaxana. They go onto the holodeck and Worf busts the happiest guardian in the bubble. They find Alexander and Lwaxana having a mud bath and Troi tells her mother off.

Lwaxana tells Troi she is not having a traditional Betazoid wedding and Troi is surprised. She tries to get more information but Lwaxana messes about with the replicators which are acting strange.

In engineering Data and Geordi notice most of the replicators are malfunctioning. They crawl into a Jeffrey's tube to investigate. Meanwhile Lwaxana tries on her wedding gown. Alexander turns p and Lwaxana tells him she is getting married so she will not be alone.

Data and Geordi brief Picard on the problem. Then the inertial dampeners go offline. Geordi manages to bring the secondary systems online. Enterprise is forced to stay at impulse.

Geordi tells Picard and Riker a conversion has taken place and some galatinus substance has been causing the problems. Picard greets the minister when he beams aboard and Lwaxana introduces Troi to him. The minister brings his protocol master along with him.

Geordi suggests a living organism has eaten the nitrium on the ship and the substance is the waste product. Meanwhile Alexander goes to see Lwaxana against the wishes of Worf.

Worf and Troi turn up to collect Alexander but the protocol master tells them they must discuss marital issues. However Alexander and Lwaxana have already left.

Geordi and Data discover there is something aboard the ship. Meanwhile the holodeck seems to break down. Picard sets a course for the asteroid field as it is rich in nitrium so the metal parasite may leave the ship.

Picard and Data take the turbolift to deck 1 but the computer goes offline. Data opens the door manually. Life support begins to randomly fail and the parasite gets into the core, reducing the Enterprise to warp 6.

More decks need to be evacuated and Picard tells Data to execute the plan by himself if they all pass out. They arrive at the asteroid field. Data prepares the plan but the chamber begins to destabilise.

Data manages to pull of the plan and the crew regain consciousness. Lwaxana is late for the wedding and when she arrives she is naked as in a traditional Betazoid wedding. The minister looks shocked and the protocol master drags the minister away.

Later Lwaxana, Worf, Alexander and Troi take a mud bath. Worf says "your just suppose to sit here?"