Star Trek: Random Sector

Decent, Part I

Data is on the holodeck playing cards with the great minds of the 20th century. Meanwhile the Enterprise receives a distress call from the Federation outpost Aniyaka III. When they arrive they find the Federation staff crew have been brutally killed.

Data managed to get into a sealed room and finds some kind of Borg in there. It takes a shot at Riker which misses then Data takes it out. However more Borg come flooding into the room and a firefight beings between them and the away team.

Data finds himself in hand to hand compact with a Borg who tries to strangle him. Data pulls his hand away and grabs the Borg, snapping his neck - Data appeared to have experienced anger.

Once they are back on the Enterprise, Data asks himself to be revealed of duty so he can work out what happened. Meanwhile the senior staff being investigating the new Borg activity of not phasing their dead out and showing emotion for their fallen comerades.

An admiral arrives to take command of the fleet with 15 ships due to arrive in the area soon in preparation for a possible Borg invasion. Meanwhile Data talks to Geordi about his emotional experience. He attempts to recreate the situation on the holodeck.

Later, Data is chatting with Councillor Troi about him attempting to recreate his emotional experience on the holodeck and his attempts to create other emotions such as listening to uplifting opera's. He also says that he experienced pleasure after killing the Borg.

Enterprise receives a distress call from the New Berlin colony. The Enterprise plots a course however they then discoverers that someone panicked when a Ferengi trade ship arrived in the sector. Picard gives the order to transmit a copy of Starfleet's ship recognising protocol and "tell them to read it this time." Tensions are very high.

The Enterprise later receives another distress call and heads off to a Federation outpost which is under attack. They find a Borg ship which escapes through a temporal distortion. It also pulls the Enterprise in.

After around 10 seconds the Enterprise returns to normal space and the Borg ship launches an attack on it. Borg beam onto the bridge. They are taken out but not before they can kill Franklin.

One Borg is not dead and is taken to sick bay. He is later revived and tells them his name is Crosis. When Picard enquires why he has a name and not a designation, he tells him it was given to him by 'the one.' When the others are gone the Borg tells Data that 'the one' can give him emotions and tries to tempt him.

On the bridge an unauthorised shuttle launch takes place and they discover that the Borg captive and Data are aboard it. They try to stop it but Data over rides the commands. The shuttle triggers a trans warp conduit and disappears through it. The Enterprise works out how to trigger one and follows them, ending up 65 light years from where they started.

They find a planet which the shuttle has landed on and Riker beams down with a well armed security team. They find the shuttle abandoned as it had been for 3 hours. Picard beams down to the planet as does most of the crew to form search parties leaving Beverly Crusher in command with a skeleton crew on the Enterprise.

Meanwhile one of the search parties which Picard and Geordi in are scouting for Data and the Borg. Troi climbs to the top of a hill and sees a large structure which does not appear to have been built by the Borg. They go inside and find that it looks like a meeting hall.

Suddenly Borg swarm in surrounding them and trapping them in the middle of the hall. Then 'the one' appears on a platform at the end - it is Lore and Data is accompanying him. To be continued...