Star Trek: Random Sector

Hide and Q

Enterprise drops off Counsellor Troi for a trip home before heading off to a Federation base which requires medical assistance after an explosion. However the Enterprise is incased in Q's shields.

Q arrives on the bridge who says they are 'impressed' with humans and want to talk. He tells them to abandon their mission as his business takes precedent.

Picard is angry at Q who takes an interest in Riker. Q starts talking about games and beams the bridge crew minus Picard to an unknown planet. Picard is left on the bridge with the command computer down.

Yar spots Q dressed as General Washington as if he is in the battle of Waterloo. Q tells Riker to join him at the table. Q gives the others drinks although Worf throws his away. Q says they are going to play a game which will be completely unfair.

Yar objects and Q sends her to a 'penalty box' and says if anyone else gets a penalty, Yar will have to give it up and go into nothingness. Picard tries to make a log entry but it fails. Yar appears behind him and explains to Picard what has happened. Yar starts to cry and Picard comforts her.

Q appears on the bridge and lifts the penalty. Picard mocks Q's uniform. Q tells Picard he is taking on Riker. Picard wages his command against Q staying out of humanities path forever.

On the planet Worf goes to scout out what appear to be French soldiers. He sees they are hog type creatures. Meanwhile Q talks to Picard in his ready room and quotes Picard Shakespeare and says he will learn about humanity by how they play the game.

Geordi spots the hog soldiers heading towards them with what appear to be muskets. Q tells Riker the only way to save his friends is o use the power has has been given by Q.

The forcefield around Enterprise disappears and Picard returns to join Yar on the bridge. All systems come back online. Riker sends the bridge crew back to the Enterprise. Picard says Riker will be fine and they must proceed. Meanwhile Riker, still on the planet, is laughing. Q tells Riker about his powers but Ricker asks Q what he needs from them.

Q tells Riker the Q Continuum noticed them at Farpoint and that humans will eventually evolve possibly beyond the Q. Therefore the Q wants to know more about humans by getting Riker to join them.

Riker turns down the offer to help them and Q disappears. The bridge crew arrive back on the planet without weapons and the hog soldiers head towards them again. Worf attacks them and is killed as is Wesley.

Riker puts a shield in front of the soldiers and sends everyone back to the bridge, healing them. He then goes to talk to Picard in the ready room. Picard says Riker must not use his power and Riker gives his word. The Enterprise arrives at Quandra Sigma 3.

They beam down and find many injured. One girl is found under the rubble - dead. Riker says he is prevented from bringing her back to life by "a promise." Riker tells Picard he should not have made the agreement and demands a meeting with the bridge crew.

Riker talks to the crew and Picard reminds him "power corrupts," and that they are now on a first name basis. Q appears on the bridge dressed as a monk. Q sats Riker could give all his friends a gift. Surprisingly Picard agrees.

Dr. Crusher tries to get her and Wesley to leave. Riker gives Wesley his dream - being 10 years older. He offers Data the chance to be human but he rejects it as does Geordi when he is given eyes. Worf does the same when he is offered a Klingon mate. Wesley also asks to be changed back.

Riker admits to Picard he was wrong. Picard tells Q to pay up his wager and Q is dragged back to the Continuum.