Star Trek: Random Sector

Lonely Among Us

Enterprise picks up alien delegates from 2 species - Antarians and Celay, whose planets are at war, so they can all, go to 'parliament' a neutral zone as both of the species wish to join the Federation.

Data picks up an anomalous space cloud on sensors. Geordi and Worf are scanning the energy cloud in main sensors when Worf touches one of the screens and a bolt of blue energy travels down his arm and knocks him to the ground.

Worf is revived and at first goes crazy but is calmed. They help him to his feet. Later Geordi talks to Captain Picard about what happened. Geordi says his visor detected a glow just before although he did not see what happened.

Meanwhile Beverly examines Worf in sickbay and the energy passes from Worf to her. Worf's vitals return to normal and he begins to wake up. Enterprise jumps to warp 9 heading for 'parliament' while Beverly goes to her quarters and finds Wesley there who notices she is asking strange questions. She then goes off to the bridge and Picard also notices she is acting strangely.

The energy leaves Beverly and goes into the ships computer. She is not clear where she is at first but returns to her office. Data notices that there are malfunctions all over the ship. Picard suspects something is very wrong with the ship being new and therefore unlikely to break down.

Riker and Yar confiscate the Antarian's weapons while Enterprise drops out of warp with more malfunctions. Data suggests the ship was sabotaged. Their main suspects are the alien delegates. Picard makes reference to Sherlock Holmes and Data begins to think.

Wesley helps Mr. Sing to get round the warp engines problem. Mr. Sing tells Wesley he has to go to class and continues the work Wesley had begun. The blue energy passes to him. His body is soon discovered by Worf who says he is dead.

Later when they investigate in engineering, Geordi notices that warp drive is back online but Wesley points out that Mr. Sing could not have fixed it before he was killed. Picard gives the order to go to warp 6 while Jar questions the alien delegates but gets no useful information.

Yar, Data and Riker discuss the problem. Data has a pipe and hat and is using Sherlock Holmes terminology. Riker later reveals Data has been studying him. Data says the delegates were too busy bickering with each other to be sabotaging the ship and killing Starfleet officers.

Troi puts Beverly under hypnosis to ask her about her memory loss. She says she felt 'not alone' as had Worf when he was under hypnosis (this was not seen, just made reference to). Troi tells Picard and the other officers about her findings. Picard says "lets proceed without the pipe Data."

Data says he has eliminated the ships crew and the delegates from the investigation. Enterprise loses helm control. Picard touches a control panel and the blue energy passes to Picard. The Enterprise drops to impulse power.

Picard gives the order to change course and head in the opposite direction. Geordi questions him but sets the course. The crew also question his decision. Picard is defensive. Meanwhile the delegates continue to bicker.

Troi, Riker and Beverly discuss the captain's orders with Geordi and consider options to relieve him of command. Troi thinks Picard may become dangerous and has closed off part of his mind to her.

Beverly and Riker ask Picard to go to sickbay for tests. Picard orders them to take the examinations. They leave and head off. Then Riker is accidentally grabbed by one of the alien delegates as these play cat and mouse with each other. Beverly goes to see Picard who tells her there is more than him here.

Picard goes onto the bridge and explains how the energy being came onto Enterprise. Picard tells them him and the life form are going to beam into the energy cloud. The crew try to stop him but Picard sends energy through all the consoles. He heads down to the transporters room and beams out, energy only.

They cannot locate Picard and Riker prepares to leave but Troi sense something. Picard is alone - the combination did not work. Riker moves to the edge of the energy cloud and Picard's energy jumps to the ship.

Data, Riker and Troi go to the transporter room and Data tries to use his pattern, still saved in the transporters buffer, to put the energy back into Picard. It takes a while but he beams back. He does not remember the last hour or so.

Picard goes to sickbay and leaves Riker in charge - "take charge number 1."