Star Trek: Random Sector


Troi is having a meal with Geordi, Data and Captain Picard aboard a runabout shuttle when the 3 suddenly freeze in front of her for 5 seconds and then continue unaware of what has just happened.

Geordi finds nothing in the bio scans. He and Data go to run a ship-wide diagnostic to see if there are any other problems detected while Captain Picard talks to Troi. Next Troi realises she has been motionless for 3 minutes. Geordi runs another scan and discovers she has only aged 20 minutes since her last scan 23 minutes ago - during the 3 minutes she was motionless, time stood still for her.

The ship starts going uncontrollably and when they manage to stop it, they are out of fuel in one of the engines. According to the computer data the engine has been going solidly for 47 days.

Picard wanders away from the front of the ship investigating and finds a mouldy bowl of fruit. When he touches it his hand gets a sudden pain and he reals back. His hand has aged years ahead and now looks old with long finger nails. Data finds a temporal disturbance in which time is moving 50 times faster.

Geordi finds temporal disturbances everywhere throughout the region with each one having time moving at a different speed. Picard orders Geordi to fly the runabout back to the Enterprise. They arrive at the co-ordinates but the Enterprise is nowhere to be seen.

There is a faint energy reading on sensors and Picard orders Geordi to take them to it. When they arrive they find the Enterprise and a Ferengi Warbird are trapped in a temporal disturbance in which time does not appear to be moving.

Picard tells Data and Geordi to find a way to protect them from the time shift so they can beam onto the Enterprise. Data reconfigures some bands to strap round their arm and Troi, Picard and Data beam onto the Enterprise's bridge. There are several Romulans on the bridge and no Enterprise security offers. Picard thinks the Rolumans launched a surprise attack.

Troi arrives in sick bay to find a Roluman firing a distrupter at point blank range at Beverly Crusher. There is also a Romulan woman there. However when Troi turns her back she moves however Troi does not notice.

Picard arrives in transporter room 3 to find Worf beaming, injured and unarmed. Troi arrives and tells him about Dr. Crusher. Data then calls them to engineering saying that it is urgent, Picard and Troi head off.

In engineering, Data explains the Enterprise is in the middle of a warp core breach, which is expanding. He says time is moving forward however it was going so slowly no one could detect it. But because he can see the anti matter explosion he can now detect it. Meaning that the explosion will engulf the Enterprise in 9 hours.

Picard starts launching and when Data and Troi look he points to a smily face that he has drawn in the cloud from the warp core explosion. He then gets a pain and goes crazy forcing Geordi to beam them back to the runabout.

They decide to limit their exploser to the other time frame and Troi, Data and Geordi beam to the Romulan ship leaving Picard on the runabout. When they arrive they discover the Romulan ship is being evacuated. The engine is showing no readings despite the fact that it can never be turned off. When they investigate they find the origin of the temporal fragments.

When they scan it with a tricorder, it somehow becomes activated and time moves normally again as the Romulan's quickly move around the ship, one mentioning the 'power transfer.' Picard then witnesses the Enterprise explode from the anti matter explosion. Then time goes backwards and everything is reversed.

Geordi notices a Romulan is not stud where he was before all of this happened. The Romulan is actually in their time frame and jumps on Geordi knocking both of them out in an orange electric type flash.

Geordi is looking like he will not survive so Troi takes the band off his arm so that he can be saved in the other time continuum. The Romulan is revealed to be a different alien who is not from their normal time contiuum.

The alien tells them the the black sports in the centre of the temporal disturbance are actually the aliens young and the temporal disturbance was caused by the aliens using the Romulans quantum singularity as a nest. Picard works out the Enterprise was here to help the Romulans from an apparent engine failure and began the power transfer to try and reactivate it. The alien says there is one other like him.

Picard decides to try and reconfigure the triguarter to activate the temporal fragment so that time moves backwards giving them chance to solve the problems and evade the warp core breach.

They carry out the plan and Data beams to engineering to attempt to stop the power transfer being activated. However the other alien jumps on his and knocks them both out. When Data wakes up the power transfer has already been activated.

Picard arrives on the bridge and discovers the Romulans are on the Enterprise's side. The Romulan who appeared to be attacking Riker was helping him up. Meanwhile in sick bay Troi discovers that the Romulan was not firing at Dr. Crusher but at the alien. On the bridge Picard moves the runabout into the path of the power transfer, destroying the runabout but disengaging the transfer.

This knocks everything back into place and the aliens and the Warbird disappear. Later Riker finds Data trying to make time move more slowly via perception by testing the theory "a watched kettle never boils." Riker suggests he turn his internal cromonmetre off.