Star Trek: Random Sector

The Cloud

Janeway opens with a voice over. She walks around the ship. Harry and Tom are in the mess hall. They discuss whether they should have invited her to join us. She goes into the kitchen to look around. Neelix tries to give Janeway a coffee alternative though she runs for it when Chakotay calls her to the bridge.

They come towards a nebula. Tuvok suggests they could collect particles from it to use as an additional anti matter reserve. Chakotay tells Janeway the crews moral is fairly low and about animal guides. Voyager approaches the nebula. As Voyager enters the nebula, it hits an energy barrier.

Neelix questions Janeway's decision to go into the nebula while in the mess hall with Kes, although Kes supports her lust for exploration. Voyager begins to be hit by something and it starts draining Voyager's energy reserves. Janeway orders them to leave the nebula but Tom is unable to past the barrier.

In the end Voyager blows a hole in the energy barrier with a torpedo although energy levels continue to fall. They manage to clear of the Nebula. That night, Tom takes Harry into one of his holodeck programmes. Harry says he thinks Tom misses home too. B'Elanna goes into sickbay to talk to The Doctor.

The Doctor is very sarcastic. B'Elanna gives him a sample from some of the particles that built up on the hull while Voyager was in the nebula. Chakotay goes to see Janeway and shows her his medicine bundle. He says he will help her find her animal guide. Janeway has a vision and sees a small lizard but is interrupted by B'Elanna.

Chakotay says B'Elanna tried to kill her animal guide :). B'Elanna tells them that the life form is alive. Janeway decides to go back in. Neelix goes to see the captain but she tells him he is going with it. They head inside and cut engines losing fuel. They decide to use the energy currents to drift.

Neelix arrives on the bridge with Kes bringing refreshments and announces he is now the ships moral officer. The Doctor suggests an idea to help the creature regenerate. Voyager launches a microprobe to distract the creature while they go into the wound to act as an energy conduit to help it regenerate. The plan works and Voyager clears the nebula.

The energy reserves are depleted by over 20% so Voyager heads towards an out of the way planet. Harry invites Janeway into Tom's holodeck programme.